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Art in the Waldhaus

Samora ‚Oibel1.‘ Bazarrabusa - Short bio

Samora Bazarrabusa better known as Oibel1. was born and raised in Zurich. He was involved with art and music from a young age. After a few years on the road as a rapper 'MC Samurai', he decided to devote himself entirely to painting again and was soon able to develop an unmistakable style. In the meantime, his so-called flows and oibots can be found in many places in his hometown Zurich, but also in cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Prague and Kampala. All the pictures, whether garishly coloured or just black lines, convey a lot of energy. Inspiration comes from everywhere, when painting he gives free rein to his thoughts and feelings and translates them surreally on the canvas.
"I like the quick and easy way," he says, usually painting without sketching first. Art is there to inspire and stimulate discussions about things or circumstances that are not obvious and/or are also taken for granted. "As colourful as the world is, it still needs more colour and I want to contribute to that".

We were allowed to exhibit some of his wonderful works of art at the Waldhaus beider Basel to make our place a little bit more special. Come and see his artistic works live or find more information at: